From fruit to pharmaceuticals, agriculture to airplanes, ENNERI MOKTO, INC. has the ideal shipping solution for you.
Our customers span the globe, representing small and large businesses from all industries.
Whatever you need to ship, we’re here to make sure it gets to its destination safely.

Welcome to Enneri Mokto where container shipping expertise comes with a personal touch. Drawing on more than seven decades of diverse transportation experience, we ensure smooth sailing for all types of cargo. Different cargoes naturally have different needs, while every customer requires the same accessible, knowledgeable support. By building ongoing relationships over many years, we learn the ins and outs of your business, so we can provide the right service for your individual needs. This is what sets Enneri Mokto apart from the large, impersonal conglomerates of the industry. As an independent carrier, we have a proud tradition of integrity and accountability, so you can trust that we will be by your side during every step of the transport process.

We understand that each customer and cargo deserves personal attention together with custom-built solutions. Enneri Mokto has the infrastructure and experience to deliver exactly that, for a wide variety of unique freight. Our reefer containers are ready for your frozen food, medical supplies and refrigerated cargo of all kinds, while our project cargo team always finds the best creative solutions for oversize, hazardous, or other specialized cargo. At Enneri Mokto, all types of cargo receive expert hands-on service, ensuring every customer has the support they need to steer their business forward.

Enneri Mokto means more to our customers than containers on ships. We offer a variety of services and advanced technologies to maximize your peace of mind and facilitate the entire transport process. Our professional team stays in close, continual contact, working hand in hand with your staff to ensure that every cargo benefits from genuine first-class care. And that’s not all, Enneri monitor’s lets you keep a careful eye on your cargo from start to finish, and our land transportation service ensures your cargo arrives safely at its destination

We summarize Enneri Mokto’s corporate culture as below:

Emphasis is placed on the spirit of teamwork: Through team cooperation, team learning, and strict quality control in each link, we strive to maximize the synergy of the entire Enneri Mokto Group.

Integrity is given the first priority: We endeavor to be honest in whatever we do and whoever we deal with. We require mutual respect, give care to society, and take delight in work.

Pragmatism is our attitude: We always put our feet on the earth, are practical and do our job immediately.

Innovation is encouraged: We use new thinking to strive for transcend tradition, and attain perfection and professionalism.

Decisions are based on humanism: We acknowledge the value of everyone’s work and provide our staff with a secure, healthy and discrimination-free environment.

Harmony is greatly valued: We cooperate externally and harmonize internally; share interests with society, and coexist with the environment.

Society is embraced: We supply valuable transportation in society and serve the society and all the people.